Confirming transactions with Vault Signer Card

Modified on Tue, 30 Apr 2024 at 12:47 PM

Once you've configured your Signer Card to protect one or multiple Stellar wallets, you should be able to confirm transactions in LOBSTR Vault.


Video: How to confirm transactions with Signer Card

Watch this short video to learn how to confirm transactions with your Signer Card.

How to confirm transactions

Do the following to confirm a pending transaction from one of the protected accounts:

1. Open the LOBSTR Vault app and select the Transactions tab

Note: You would need to scan the card to continue using LOBSTR Vault app if the 'Session expired' error appears after launching the app.


2. Choose the transaction you want to confirm in the list of pending transactions

Note: Invalid transactions can't be confirmed and can only be discarded.


3. Choose the 'Confirm' option and use the Signer Card to sign the transaction

To confirm the transaction, hold the Signer Card near the back of your device for a few seconds.

It is important to hold the Signer Card in the correct position close to the location of the NFC chip inside your device.

- The NFC chip is commonly located near the top bezel of Apple devices.

- Each Android device manufacturer places the NFC chip in the different places of the device's hardware.

If you are having issues with the Vault app recognizing the card, verify the position of NFC chip for your device and then hold the card exactly near the chip for a few seconds.

4. Confirmation result 

If your main Stellar wallet only has one additional signer, the transaction should now be successfully submitted to the Stellar network.

If the main Stellar wallet has multiple signers, the 'Success' screen may also display a message that more signatures are needed for the transaction to occur. This means that other signers for the main account should provide their signatures by 'Confirming' the transaction.


In case you have any issues with confirming transactions using your Signer Card, please contact LOBSTR support with a detailed description of the issue. Make sure to attach screenshots of each step you've made.

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